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Loire Gestamp

Loire Gestamp

At Loire Gestamp we are dedicated to designing and building all sorts of hydraulic presses and press lines. Our machines are designed and built in accordance with our clients’ technical specifications, from 2,000 to 100,000 kN.

Loire Gestamp came into being in 2011 following the acquisition of Loire Safe by the Gestamp group, leader in the design and fabrication of metal components for the automotive sector. With 95 factories all over the world, Gestamp is strengthened by our hydraulic presses that are capable of producing components to the highest standards and with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Loire Gestamp is Spain’s largest manufacturer of hydraulic presses. It has been based in Hernani (Guipúzcoa) since 1962 and has premises of over 8,000 square metres, where presses are designed and manufactured for use in production plants all over the world.

The factory has major facilities that make it possible to fulfil the whole manufacturing process, including design, heavy machining, assembly, commissioning amongst other steps.

We have an outstanding R&D team which focuses on designing new presses tailored to the different technologies that are on the market, hot stamping being one of the most advanced techniques.

There are over 140 professionals working for us on designing, producing and maintaining hydraulic presses. The professional experience of the technical department is especially significant. This department has spent many years developing reliable, efficient and high- quality solutions. This know-how, alongside the use of the most advanced technologies and the quality-price ratio of the presses, means that Loire Gestamp is a reference point in the hydraulic press market.

The main areas of use of our presses are:

  • Hot stamping / Press hardening

  • Cold stamping

  • Tools and dies Try Out

  • Hydroforming

Loire Gestamp Hydraulic Presses & Lines Catalogue (pdf)