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Hot Stamping

Hot Stamping Lines

Since the first hot stamping hydraulic press for sheet metal (Press Hardening) was supplied in 1998, Loire Gestamp has continued to provide countless presses and equipment for this type of work.

It is a process which entails heating the material until it becomes malleable. It is subsequently subjected to a formation and rapid cooling process to produce a transformed and hardened material. This quick and effective process requires fewer steps than the traditional stamping process and achieves lighter and more resistants products.

Some of the parts which are frequently manufactured by this process are:

  • Door reinforcements.

  • Bumpers.

  • A-pillars.

  • B-pillars.

  • General high-strength parts.

The supplied equipment includes:

  • Blanks loading area.
  • Furnace.
  • Press feeding system.
  • Hydraulic press.
  • Press unloading system.
  • Control system and interfaces.
  • Cooling tunnel.

The parts manufactured by this process must pass through (hole punching, auxiliary cutting, etc.) finishing press lines, also supplied by Loire Gestamp.